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Fox V5 Super NEO is an light aircraft built side by side for the pilot who wants the "open cockpit "and little doors. It has the strength and safety of the FOX line, and with its docile controls and low stall speed and the configuration of an aircraft of best flight quality, it is sure to be the choice for the adventurous aviator. The latest version of the well-known V5 Super NEO, offers dacron wings, internal comfort and a highly reinforced structure. You can choose between Rotax engines in a very economical package or the possibility of installing the engine of your choice. The low noise level and the comfort of the cockpit pilot are the main characteristics of this latest variation of the classic design of the V5 Super NEO, which will make your flying dreams come true.
Scope: 9.66 m
Length: 6.50 m
Height: 2.15 m
Wing area: 14.9 m
Positive Flap: 15th – 30th – 45th
Empty weight: 225 kg
Maximum takeoff weight: 450 Kg
Fuel capacity: 75 l
Fuel used: 70 l
Stall with flaps 45º MTOW: 34 mph
MTOW flapless stall: 38 mph
Cruise Speed: 80 mph
Max. Speed w/Flaps: 55 mph
Maneuver Speed: 70 mph
Max Horizontal Speed: 90 mph
VNE-Never Exceed: 100 mph
Best Climbing Speed: 65 mph
Rate of Climb-MTOW: 850 ft/min
Best Glide Speed: 65 mph
Best Plan: 1:13
MTOW Takeoff Distance: 150 m
MTOW Service Ceiling: 10,000 feet
Autonomy: 4.0 h
Range: 340 mph
Load Factors: +4-2g
Cons. Fuel: 15 l h
Cabin width: 130 cm
Pilot height: 195 cm

Technical Literature

1) Assembly Manual
2) Pilot Operation Handbook
3) Aircraft Maintenance Manual
Time to delivery:
60 days
Options - Additional Packages Available
1) Engine
2) Propeller
3) Instruments

Kit Package includes:

  • Airframe body tube, wings, empennage, strut and others
  • Tanks, fuel line and fittings
  • Complete dracon covering system for wings and empennage
  • Polycarbonate for windshield and doors
  • Hardware ( bolts, washer, cables, rivets and others)
  • Glassfiber parts ( main faring, Wheel faring, seats , panel suport)
  • Belts
  • Complete Engine mount
  • Hidraulic brakes, tires, tubes, nose wheel
  • Complete illustrated instructions with help line
  • **Does not include shipping costs, engine/prop, instruments, and paint**