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Since the end of 2018, FLY Ultraleves created the company FLY FOX to manufacture kits for assembling the FOX V-5 and FOX V-6 aircraft under license.

During 01 year we developed manufacturing templates, where all parts without exception, are pierced with the same pattern. We made improvements to the aircraft, such as wing tank, laminar landing gear, Celeron pulleys, lighter fairings due to the improvement in the quality of the resins and several other improvements. At that time, parts for the kits were manufactured, today designed in Solid Works, finished in CNC and water jet. All tubes are made of 6061-T6 aluminum manufactured under strict quality control.

Today FLY FOX announces that we are ready for the Brazilian market and Exports, with manufacturing quality, assembly manuals, operation manuals and maintenance manuals within the standards of Light Sport Aircraft Certified aircraft. Our kits are sold, to Brazil only, under special payment conditions. You can buy your kit in up to 10 equal installments. Contact us.


FLY FOX Ultralight is a company dedicated to the manufacture of kits for assembling the FOX V-5 TANDEM, FOX V-5 SUPER and FOX V-6 SUPER LIGHT aircraft. With modifications and improvements in the aircraft, we now call them all NEO.

All of our aircraft are manufactured under templates made of steel, all in aluminum alloy 6061-T6 under strict manufacturing standards. The company's goal is to provide aircraft buyers with the experience of flying a safe and technologically advanced aircraft, with low operating costs and exceptional flight performance and safety.

Compared to other sports aircraft in its class, the FOX NEO line is very economical. With safe flights, capacity for two people, autonomy of 4.5 hours and a perfect panoramic of flights, the FOX NEO are the ideal machines for all types of recreational flights.

The FOX NEO aircraft development program began with the goal of producing the best instruction aircraft of all time. With wings supported on struts, a wider cockpit, nose gear directional and larger wheels, FOX NEO combines many suggestions, comments from enthusiasts and ultralight professionals with extensive tests of design, engineering, research and development of our ultralight to fulfill this objective.

Pilots accustomed to the docile and predictable flight qualities of the FOX ultralight aircraft line will be satisfied with the NEO's. It provides the solid feel of a support plane with the desirable flight characteristics that have made it so popular.

The complete design of the FOX NEO ultralights, as well as the complete factory and dealer support, help make your flight as pleasant as possible. FOX NEO are the easiest kits to assemble on the market. An improved wing cover design makes NEO even faster to build. You are ready to fly with just a few weekends and a few basic tools. Aeronautical-grade hardware and custom accessories allow for exceptional ease of assembly.


  • New landing gear
  • Wings fuel tanks
  • Header tanks with drain
  • Celeron pulleys with ball bearings
  • Luggage increase